Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our teachers are Mrs Harle (Badgers), Miss Hoque (Deers). Mrs Bongombe and Mrs Cook (Hedgehogs)

KS1Support Staff: Mrs Hennessy, Ms. Mouri, Miss Carter, Miss Stock

We are committed and passionate about children's learning and development. Our aim is to ensure children have a smooth transition to Year One while building on their learning from reception. Our focus in Year One is to develop a strong foundation for learning and allow their curiosity to flourish. Year one is the beginning of more focused written work, and although it's always hard for the children to transition from Reception, we believe that by striving, dedication and being inspirational, we can make that transition easier. We are very proud of our children and amazed by all that they have achieved so far. 










In response to parental surveys and in line with recovery planning, English OR and math homework will be sent home each week in Year 1. This is to be completed in the child’s homework book.  

Reading books are changed every week with their reading leader. Hedgehogs and Badgers on Mondays. Deers change their books every Tuesday. Children read 3 times per week with an adult. Inside each front cover, you will find information about the sounds, tricky words and questions to ask your child while reading with them. 


Children will receive weekly spellings to practise. Weekly spellings link to words learnt in phonics lessons. You should encourage your child to segment to spell words, e.g., sh-ee-p. Spellings will be stuck in your child's planner each week. Children must bring their planners to school every day. 



A1 - I can read and write numbers 1-10 in numerals and words. 
A2 - I know number bonds for each number to 6 
Sp1 - I know doubles and halves of numbers to 10 
Sp2 - I know number bonds to 10 and number bonds for each number to 10 
Su 1 - I can read and write numbers 1-20 in numerals and words. 
Su 2 - I know number bonds to 20