Parent Apps Used by the School



Go 4 Schools


 We use Go 4 Schools to record behaviour, attendance, homework details and attainment information. 

 Parents can press the 'Go' link above to be taken to the Go 4 Schools login page.

To access go4schools for the first time, click on new user and use the email address that you have provided the school. You should get an access link in your inbox. Please check your junk email. 


Medical Tracker

Medical Tracker is used to inform parents and carers if first aid is administered.

Please press here for the parent login page




ParentPay is an online payment service for schools. It is a cashless payment system for our school, you can pay for school dinner or trips using this system.  Please press on the ParentPay image or here and you will be taken to the login page. 





My son started your school without talking or saying lots of words...But with encouragement, good teaching and not too shy.facilities, he’s now a chatterbox ,he’s more confident and not too shy anymore. Am grateful for all your help and I know he’s going
Former Year 6 parent